Project Freedom
Home 2012

Project Freedom began April 1st 2011. The original idea came from a show called "The Magician" in 1973 with Bill Bixby. Bill was a playboy philanthropist who used his magician skills to solve difficult crimes.  He used his Boeing 720 jetliner as a base of  operations; it was outfitted as a mobile residence.  At the end of the show he would drive his corvette into the back of the airplane and take off. The license plate was labeled "SPIRIT".

Below are a few pictures of the progress of the plane home I am building. I will have two airplanes. The MD-80 (labeled Freedom) of which is the first 60 feet will provide living quarters.  It has a master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with a sitting area. The second airplane a DC-9-41 (labeled Spirit) will include a theater, music, arts and crafts room.

If you would like to take a tour you can sign up at  Airbnb Experiences  

As of November 24, 2012 I have moved into the airplane.  During the day there are lots of airplanes coming and going. At night its calm and peaceful with lots of stars above.

10-20-15 I have removed the ladder and replaced with a patio.

10-01-14 Installed glass to become the office desk.

01-02-13 I have gotten  so many request for pictures of the inside that I decided to put one on. 

11-26-12 Freedom will look similar to above when finished.  Without wings.

08-01-2012 Google Maps View


03-30-12 Violet Kim Wrote a very good article about reuse of airplanes. CNN GO International


03-15-12 Overall Site Plan

01-15-12 Spirit is brought in from Florida.

02-16-12 Mechanical Building designed by Kamran Mouzoon Architects. Design on the left and the actual building on the right.

03-12-12 Rain and more rain after a dry hot summer.

12-16-11 The last flight of N813ME.

06-25-11 Interior of Spirit has been totally restored to like new. 

Superimposed Sky View of first site plan.

Picture above taken by David Hannah II.  Friend of mine who also enjoys model trains.

04-24-11 I purchased a piece of property at an airport in Brookshire Texas.  Sport Flyers Airport. This is the south east corner.